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The Use Of Nylon Hose
Yueqing Jixiang Connector Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 29, 2016

1. hose and hose assembly can be used for conveying the design of materials, otherwise it will reduce service life or failure.
2. the hose and hose assemblies can only be used within its range, under the pressure of work should not exceed the design pressure.
3. hose and hose assembly transmission medium temperature must not be more than-40 ℃-+ 120 degrees centigrade, otherwise it will shorten its life span.
4. hose and hose assemblies should not be less than under the hose minimum bend RADIUS using, avoid bending or flexing occurs near the fitting situation, doing so would hinder the hydraulic transmission and transportation of materials or damage Hose assemblies.
5. hose and hose assembly can not reverse the State of use.
6. transport hose and hose assemblies should be careful handling, do not drag the sharp or rough ground, should not be bent or compressed rubber hose.
7. hose and hose assemblies should be keeping a clean, cleaning, prevent the entry of foreign matter, damage the device.

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